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Defib Machines Ltd

Defib Machines Ltd


Defib Machines is the UK’s leading supplier of automatic defibrillators for fully inclusive rental.
Defibrillator machines are becoming commonplace in businesses and public areas across the UK to help prevent loss of life from one of the world’s biggest killers – Cardiac Arrest.

Fully Serviced & Maintained Defibs.

The ability to react quickly in the event of cardiac arrest is essential for saving lives. The automatic defibrillators Defib Machines supply provide an immediate, simple and proven solution that can be used by anyone – no training is required.


Defib Machines have handpicked the HeartSine Samaritan 360p AED based on extensive research including high performance and parts quality, reliability, ease of use and level of training required.

To obtain your Defibrillator now, visit the website:


Clean My Air

Clean My Air used by the NHS

Keeping SAFE the People who keep the Nation SAFE.

CleanMyAir improves the quality of Air in your enclosed settings.
In these times this is more important than ever!

Trusted by the NHS.

Contact us for our independent Test Results Summary by University of Leeds, the Health Protection Agency and SGS.

Clean My Air AirSteriliser+

Using state of the art technology, cleanmyair removes 99.9% of coronaviruses, bacteria, viruses, VOC’s and more from the air within minutes. Create your Clean Air Zone today.

Keeping safe the people who keep the nation safe.
The AirSteriliser+ has been trusted by the NHS to keep air clean and safe. Without the need for filters, the AirSteriliser+ activates the oxygen removing airborne diseases and sterilising surfaces. This resulted in absenteeism dropping by 42%. Using a five technologies process, our device works 24 hours a day to keep the air and surfaces clean.

For more information about this Clean Air revolution visit the website:


Alex Storer - The Light Dreams

Alex Storer/The Light Dreams

Glacier Heart by The Light Dreams

Alex Storer - The Light Dreams

Listen to “Glacier Heart” on Spotify:

Alex Storer (AKA The Light Dreams) recently collaborated with singer-songwriter Ren Faye on a captivating new track, “Glacier Heart”. As is commonplace these days – especially during Covid times – the song was recorded remotely. 

Alex explains: “Whilst working on my current instrumental project, one particular composition emerged that went in a different, new direction, so I set it aside for further development. Recently, I have been composing tracks for potential songs, as it suddenly felt like the right time to test the water in this direction – but it had to be with the right kind of vocalist. Then I heard one of Ren’s tracks on SoundCloud and really loved her voice – we’ve been in touch for a while, but never discussed our music – I sent my demo over and asked if she would like to record some vocals for it… and in no time at all, she came up with these beautiful, enchanting lyrics and amazing vocals to go with it. It was one of those ‘perfect fit’ moments.

 As an instrumentalist, I had never mixed vocals before, so this was an interesting new challenge, but I knew exactly how I wanted it to sound and the kind of cinematic atmosphere it should have. Having worked with other musicians in the past, I know how rewarding creative collaboration is, whether you are in the same room or working remotely – if you’re on the same wavelength, exciting things always happen, and that was definitely the case here. Ren and I are delighted with the finished track, and that has encouraged us to work on more pieces together, hopefully with a view to releasing an EP in the near future.”

Ren Faye on SoundCloud:

The Light Dreams on SoundCloud:

The Light Dreams on Bandcamp:

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